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The Muirfield Village Association is in the process of updating “The Muirfield List.” As you remember, this is a list of service providers recommended by Muirfield residents who have been happy with the work performed. The service providers listed here do not pay for the listing, it is free to them. They are only on the list through recommendation by you, Muirfield homeowners.

We recently sent a request for additional service providers so that the Muirfield Vendor list can be updated and re-distributed via e-mail. Take a look at the Muirfield List and make your recommendation for any additions you may have, especially if you have a recommendation for a category on our list for which there is currently no recommended vendor. If you have a vendor you have used that we can add to these blank columns, that would be great!

To make your recommendations simply send an e-mail to Paula Linehan at [email protected] by no later than December 15, 2017.

Please make sure to include ALL the following information:

Here are some areas of special need if you have a vendor you would recommend:

Thanks in advance for your help in making “The Muirfield List” more complete.

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