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The gazebo on Muirfield Drive at the Holbrook Recreation Complex is available for the exclusive use of Muirfield residents and their guests.

To reserve the gazebo, fill out the Request for Usage of Gazebo form. It is highly recommended that you reserve the gazebo well in advance since reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis, unless the General Manager finds an overriding reason to modify.

By reserving the gazebo, the Applicant agrees to the following guidelines below. Guidelines can also be downloaded here.

Request for Usage of Gazebo Form


Who may request usage:

  • The gazebo is for the exclusive use of Muirfield residents (and their guests) only.
  • No outside groups may use the facility (for example: companies, scout groups, church groups, or school groups).
  • First come basis, unless the General Manager finds an overriding reason to modify.
  • Use is limited to the gazebo and surrounding grassy area - no tents or other structures are permitted.
  • Request must be made as far in advance as possible.
  • Form must be approved and on file at the Association office before the event occurs.

Time Restrictions:

  • Time limit of 10 p.m. (includes cleanup time)

Preparation/Cleanup responsibilities:

  • Applicant is responsible for all preparation, cleanup, and removal of trash and debris.


  • Parking of vehicles is limited to parking lot only.
  • If concessions/vendors are using vehicles, the vehicles may not be driven onto the grass areas; they must be parked in the parking lot only.
  • Parking of equipment for preparation and cleanup is limited to the parking lot only.
  • No vehicular traffic permitted over common ground.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

  • When applicable, the applicant must provide signed agreement releasing the Association from any liability associated with use of the gazebo and surrounding areas; and an understanding to indemnify the Association from the claims of any of their guests.


  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No glass containers

Electric Use:

  • Make arrangements with General Manager when application is approved.


  • The Association’s General Manager reserves the right to restrict level of noise or other activities which may cause a nuisance to surrounding residents.

Please note:

The application is not an approval for exclusive use of the facility. Like all Muirfield amenities, the gazebo is for the enjoyment of all residents at any time.

The board has the right to disapprove usage at their discretion.

The board has the right to discontinue gatherings if guidelines are abused.

The board may rescind or modify these guidelines at any time.

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