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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: August, 19 2021

Important Pool Information - Lifeguards Needed

Dear Residents:

We are sending you this note to remind you that the Glick Rd. Pool is now closed for the season, something that occurs every year at this time as so many lifeguards return to college and high schools.

We were very fortunate to have kept both pools open all summer and to have maintained regular hours in the face of the widespread guard shortage in Central Ohio. Our pool manager actively recruited all spring and summer, we increased our pay rate $2/hour and offered end-of-season bonuses, to be assured of having enough staff to meet state mandates. We are deeply grateful to the staff we have had. Unfortunately two guards no-showed for their shift yesterday and didn't call in, leaving us scrambling.

We could use your help to keep our remaining pool open through the end of the season without reducing hours. If you know of any lifeguards that would like to finish the pool season with the Association, please contact the Association office at 614-889-0922. Thank you for your understanding.

Published August, 2021

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