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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: July, 23 2021

Update from the July Muirfield HOA Board Meeting

Happy mid-summer, Muirfielders! Here is the latest news from our Muirfield Association Board Meeting last week, plus a few other items of impact.

A vacancy was created on our 9-member Board when Mike Russell and family sold their lovely home and moved out of Muirfield a few weeks ago. The Board selected Kyle Lucas to serve out the remaining two years of Mike’s term. Board President Bob Fathman expressed thanks and appreciation to Mr. Russell for his years on the Board, and particularly for lending his expertise as an architect as we addressed issues of updating some standards and dealing with signage. Mr. Lucas brings expertise in the construction field as the owner of a company in that industry who has let our staff borrow, free, heavy equipment for our use in Muirfield. His commitment to community betterment is reflected in the 4 years he has been serving on our Grounds and Facilities Committee. We welcome him aboard!
Dr. Fathman reported that the many Muirfield social activities are back up and running beginning last month. The Empty Nester group was just at Fado’s in Bridge Park and will be at Coast Wine House in Historic Dublin next Wednesday. The Empty Nester Men’s Lunch has gathered in June at the Muirfield Country Club and again yesterday at the Bogey; the Euchre group is again circulating among member’s homes monthly; the Social Activities Committee is pulling together another Fishing Derby for Muirfield kids next month’ the Breakfast meetings for any adult re-start next month and the Women’s Lunch group is also meeting once more. If you missed a previous eblast and want to be on the email list for any of these groups send a note to the office, info@muirfieldassociation.com and it will be forwarded to the relevant coordinator. No need to do this for the all-Muirfield events like the fishing derby, breakfast with Santa, etc. as everyone gets those emails. But the Committee organizing those, M-SAC, can use volunteers to help plan and conduct the events: raydirosi@gmail.com
Our Muirfield Assoc. General Manager, Walter Zeier, reported that this fall our crews will be planting 80-100 new trees, largely Norway and Blue Spruce, in part to replace the aging and deformed Austrian Pines.
Mr. Zeier also said that close to 90% of applications to the Design Control Committee were approved during the previous two-month period as residents continue to update their homes and landscaping.
The intermittent closure of Carnoustie for tunnel repairs will done by Nov. 20th. That is also the target for finishing the bridge replacements on Muirfield Drive just north of Brand.
Union County has announced the upcoming closure of Hyland-Croy just south of Jacquemin Farms, a route many Muirfielders use to get to Costco etc. The closure begins this coming Monday, July 26, and will last approximately 2 weeks, depending on weather. Speaking of the Costco Center, “Dublin Green,” the entrance to off of Rt. 161 at the intersection of Cosgray will close as of Monday, Aug. 2, as a part of the roundabout construction at Cosgray. No word on how long that will be. While we can use the entrance near Wendy’s, exiting the parking to come in this direction means using the exit onto Industrial Parkway.
The City invites us all to tour the newly completed City Hall and Council Meeting areas this coming Monday, July 26th, beginning at 4:30 pm with speeches and a ribbon cutting. 5555 Perimeter Drive, at the corner of Emerald Parkway.
Finally, I asked my fellow Muirfield Board Member, Realtor Paula Linehan, to update us on home sales in Muirfield Village. At this time last year 64 Muirfield homes had sold, with the average days on the market at 19. As of the same date this year, July 23rd, 58 homes sold but these only were on the market an average of 5 days, and they sold for 20% more than did our homes last year! Paula calls this “the most aggressive sellers’ market in Real Estate history!” Oops, in the 5 minutes it took me to add this note prior to sending it to you all, another home just went into contact! That leaves 7. Amazing.

Stay Healthy. Dr. Bob Fathman, President, Muirfield HOA Board of Directors

Published July, 2021

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