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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: July, 3 2021

Rumpke Confusion

YES Rumpke has just assured me over the phone that their pickups of all three types of receptacles WILL indeed be delayed a day this coming week.

Three residents had promptly forwarded e-mails they had received that there would be no delay next week, and the Rumpke.com website says the same. But the City of Dublin website, where I had obtained my initial info, says it is one of the holidays with a delay. Very, very confusing.

So I called Rumpke, got through to their customer service and was told that while there is no delay for their rural customers next week, service in Dublin and Columbus is delayed a day. Unfortunately for a few Muirfield streets, Rumpke has skipped them for days and even weeks on some of the pickups. So I guess the confusing messaging from them should not be surprising.

Anyway, bottom line: yard waste on Tuesday, trash and recyclables on Thursday next week.

Dr. Bob Fathman, HOA Board Prez.

Published July, 2021

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