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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: July, 2 2021

Fireworks Parking; Yard Waste And Trash Delayed Next Week

The City asked us to send you info on parking for tomorrow night's fireworks. Click here Their website of course has lots of helpful info about the parade route tomorrow and other info.

Reminder: our pools will close at 6 pm tomorrow, Saturday.

Final reminder: since July 4 falls on a Sunday, businesses and government closes on Monday, July 5th. No mail that day, the HOA office will be closed, yard waste collection will be delayed until Tuesday [fingers crossed. given the many problems Rumpke has had this year], trash and recyclables will be picked up on Thursday.

And this being a holiday in celebration of our country's birth, you may want to stop by the Dublin Cemetery to pay your respects to fallen veterans at the Blue Star Memorial there. This was installed by the Muirfield Garden Club 6 years ago, and is beautifully landscaped and maintained year round by the members.

Dr. Bob Fathman, HOA Board Prez.

Published July, 2021

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