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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: June, 07 2020

Muirfield Road and Tunnel Closures Start Today

Hello, Muirfield. I hope those of you able to attend had a great week at the Memorial Tournament. What a crazy week, what with huge rains and flooded fairways, the Jon Rahm debacle, steamy, uncomfortable heat and then the sudden dump of intense rain when the final pair was duking it out on the 18th green! A memorable week, for sure, but enjoyable for those who stuck it our or watched on TV, with stellar competition. Your lawns, mulching and flowers earned many favorable compliments from visitors.

Onto the infrastructure news. From Lindsay, Weisenauer, Dublin's Public Affairs officer, comes the following reminder:

"Now that another Memorial is behind us, a couple of projects will be getting started.

* Muirfield Drive Bridge Replacement - The week of June 7, there will be temporary lane closures on Muirfield Drive between Brand Road and Moors Place North. Two-way traffic will be maintained. Various traffic impacts are scheduled throughout this project. Updates will be shared on NextDoor and online here - https://dublinohiousa.gov/newsroom/muirfield-bridge-work

* Carnoustie Drive tunnel maintenance - crews will be working on the pedestrian tunnel under Carnoustie Drive between Aryshire Drive and Loch More Court. Lane restrictions are possible this week. The tunnel will close later this week for the duration of the project - https://dublinohiousa.gov/newsroom/carnoustie-drive-tunnel-maintenance/ "

And one more reminder of a closure we previously alerted you to -- work on a new Roundabout near Costco has begun, closing Cosgray Road for the next few months. Follow detour signs if you use that route to Sports Ohio or Darree Fields, or figure an alternate route before leaving home.

Stay healthy, Dr. Bob Fathman, Board President

Published June, 2021

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