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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: June, 04 2020

Pool Sanitation and Disinfecting Policy

In response to the State lifting all COVID-19 restrictions the Association office has received several phone calls both supporting the hour sanitation break and requests for the elimination of the daily pool closure for sanitation and disinfecting of all shared areas. i.e. Bathrooms, chairs, and tables in

Recommendations from the CDC are for public swimming pools are:

-Clean and disinfect all shared surfaces -Restrict number of people in the pool area -Change pool area layout

In reviewing the policy it was noted that 7 day average of new cases of COVID-19 in Ohio as of June 2, 2021 is 473. Last year on June 2, 2020 the 7 days average was 478. It shows only a 5 case per day improvement over the same time last year when restrictions were among the toughest.

It was determined for the safety of residents and staff from being exposed to COVID-19 and to prevent exposure to sanitation protocols to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect the pool areas when patrons are not at the pool areas. The Association pool staff cleans and disinfect all shared areas before opening of the pools, from 3:30-4:30 daily, and at closing.

We are hopeful that keeping these safety protocols in place, we can have a safe and fun pool season. All safety protocols and policies will continue to be reviewed as we see the usage of the pools and the effects of those policies. We would like to thank all of our residents for their patience and continued support to have a safe and fun pool season.

Published June, 2021

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