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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May, 25 2020

Muirfield New Activity

We are excited to announce a new activity for Muirfield residents, basketball skills training sessions.

Small group and one-on-one basketball skills training is now available for school age residents of Muirfield ages 7 to 17. Conducted by high school coach and former point guard, Kaitlyn Carney (Coach K), instruction is available for beginning players to more experienced, advanced players.

Fundamental skills taught will include basic and advanced ball handling, shooting, man to man defense, footwork drills, passing and skill appropriate offensive moves.

The sessions will be held at the Holbrook (Muirfield Dr.) basketball courts.

To sign up or with any questions please contact Coach K at coachktrains@gmail.com .

1:1 Sessions $60.00
2/3:1 Sessions $50.00 per player
4:1 Sessions $40.00 per player

Published May, 2021

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