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Save the date! Mark your calendar for April 2nd, 7:15 pm, Muirfield Association Annual Meeting at The Country Club at Muirfield Village.
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The Country Club at Muirfield Village is the setting for Muirfield Association’s Annual Meeting. The business meeting will begin promptly at 8:00 pm, Wednesday, April 2, 2014, and will feature election of directors and committee members for the coming year. We’ll hear committee and financial reports, highlights of the past year’s accomplishments and goals for the coming year.

Doors open for social time at 7:15 pm. We hope you’ll join us to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar while socializing with our board members, committee members and staff. We’ll have a photo area set up; it’ll be a great opportunity to get your picture taken for the new ID cards!

There will be no pre-meeting speakers this year. Instead, the Design Control Committee Report will feature local realtor and board member, Paula Linehan, who’ll describe for us the latest selling trends in our community, what buyers are looking for, the type of homes that sell quickly and what we can do to attract the best values for our homes. Design Control Committee members, John Reiner and Richard Taylor, will accompany Ms Linehan with ideas for making a positive impact on our homes to be competitive in the real estate market. They will also discuss ways to create the best use of living and yard space if planning to make your Muirfield home your ‘forever’ home. It will be an interesting and educational report!

By the way, the Nominating Committee will accept candidates for nomination to the Board of Directors and Grounds & Facilities Committee until March 1st. Read more about being a nominee!

IF INTERESTED IN PLACING YOUR NAME IN THE NOMINEE BASKET, email Sandy at the Association office at [email protected] or call her at 614-889-0922. She will be happy to give you the basics of what the groups’ roles/duties are and help you through the nomination process.

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Muirfield Residents,

Since it is the heart of winter and Mother Nature is making this one especially cold, I am sure you are not thinking about spring activities and summer pool time just yet. Or, on the other hand, maybe you are dreaming of those! Watching the Masters Golf Tournament makes me start thinking beyond the winter blues and snow. At the Association, our Board and Staff have been looking forward to 2014 projects and what the warmer temperatures might allow us to do this year.

We have a number of focus areas for 2014. Specifically, a few of them include:

The Association Staff will continue to focus on improving common areas, entrances and our facilities overall. Accordingly, we ask that every resident do the same with his/her personal property. In 2013, the Design & Control Committee reviewed and approved a significant number of plans for construction, so we know many of you are updating and improving your properties. Just as a reminder, we offer complimentary consultations with professional architects who can help you refresh and enhance the inside and outside of your property. You can simply schedule an appointment through the Association Office.

Please join us April 2nd for the Muirfield Association Annual Meeting at The Country Club of Muirfield Village. We will cover many topics and offer complimentary appetizers/cash bar for residents as well.

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So far, Muirfield residents have saved the Association over $2,500 just by signing up to receive invoices and the annual meeting packet electronically! That money can be re-directed toward Muirfield community improvements! Not only will this save the Association money, but clearly will help save Earth’s resources.

If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for this program. You’ll have the opportunity to vote online, receive invoices electronically and read annual meeting materials, all while reducing clutter in your home and mailbox. No more trips to the mailbox in subzero weather to look for your annual assessment invoice! Instead, log onto the Association’s website any time it’s convenient or look for emails from the Association office.

To learn more and to sign up, go to http://www.muirfieldassociation.com/green.php.

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The Association continues to incorporate new, user-friendly building blocks to our website. Since the new site came online last November, we have been able to update and inform you of valuable information much quicker and easier than before. The latest offering is the improved Members Area. Once you sign in using your current username, you will be required to select a new password. After completing that step, you will have access to many new pieces of information from the Association.

Most information that has previously been mailed will soon be available in the Members Area. If you signed up for the electronic communications program, you'll receive an email with links to the information. You must know your username and set up a new password to get this info, so sign-on now! Jot down your username and password for future use! Even if you prefer to receive your annual meeting packet by postal mail, you're still encouraged to log on to the members area and see what' happening!

In mid-March, the Annual Meeting information will be added to the website Members Area; you'll be able to view the agenda, financial statements, and Board of Director and Grounds & Facilities Committee candidate information.

Click here to log in or click the white "Members Area" button in the upper right hand corner of any page.

As summer arrives, the tennis program information will be added along with the pool activity sheet. When registrations open, you'll be able to sign up your children for swim lessons through the Members Area.

Another convenience will be a shorter visit at the Association office when you need to pick up Family Extended Guest Passes. The Family Extended Guest Pass form will be located in the Members Area; you can fill it out and send it to us; we'll prepare the passes and have them ready when you stop by!

Any questions about any of the above? Call the Association office at 614-889-0922 and ask for Erin. She'll get you logged on in a jiffy!

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Whether you signed up for electronic communications or not, you will be receiving your pool guest passes in the mail around mid-March. Each household will receive 10 passes in the mail. If you have a use for them, an adult member of the household can stop by the Association office to pick up 5 additional passes, which totals 15 passes for the season.

If you’re on the electronic communications program, your pool passes will be mailed in a regular letter size envelope in mid-to-late March. Please do not overlook this envelope in your mail as the office cannot replace the original 10 that may have been misplaced or discarded.

If you’re still receiving paper communications, your pool passes will be included in your annual meeting packet stapled to the Swim Activities Sheet.

Remember, if you run out of passes, you can still bring guests to the pool for the very affordable cost of $2 per person!

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The Association’s website is now updated on a regular basis and can provide you with the latest news and calendar! Late-breaking announcements can be found on the home page and a list of current happenings can be found on the Calendar. As the site continues to grow, we will be including more helpful tools to keep you up to date!

Did you know the Association’s website includes activities of the Muirfield Village Civic Association, the Muirfins, the Bridge Club, and other Muirfield Village community events? These activities are listed on the calendar. Log on to see what you may have been missing!

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After many years of using the standard green and brown laminated Muirfield ID Cards, we are happy to announce that new heavy-duty plastic IDs will be issued before pool season this year! The new photo ID cards will be similar in size and style to a credit card.

The card will contain your photo, lot number and a barcode that will allow staff to swipe your card, check residency, member-in-good-standing status, count attendance and other information. For you, a quick swipe and you’re ready to swim! The front desk staff will not hold your cards as in the past; they will swipe them, check status, and return the card to you.

Muirfield Village is home to over 7,500 folks. With that many residents to photograph, the Association office will start taking photos as soon as we receive the software. We plan to have the majority of ‘pool-attending residents’ photographed and ID cards issued well before pool season begins.

Keep watching your email and the website for the latest information on the new ID system. Soon, we’ll let you know the hours open to bring your family to the office to get photos taken and new IDs issued! Remember, anyone over 2 years of age must have a photo ID to enter the pool facilities.

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If you signed up for the electronic communications program, you will be casting your ballot for Board Members and Grounds & Facilities Committee members online instead of by paper ballot.

Here’s what you need to know.

SurveyMonkey.com was chosen because it ensures that each household can only vote once and because votes are collected anonymously. The Association can see the total votes cast for each candidate, but can never see how individual residents voted. 

Watch your inbox in mid-March for Annual Meeting information!

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The Muirfins Swim Team will hold their annual registration from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in the Commons area at Grizzell Middle School.

For more information, contact Paige DeWalt at [email protected] or 614-504-5015.

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The 2013 Annual Assessment Invoices will be mailed February 5, 2014. Please watch your mail for your invoice. If you signed up for electronic communications, your invoice will be sent via email. Please be sure to check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox. Terms remain the same as in years’ past: net due 30 days from date of invoice. Thank you for your prompt payment!

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Last spring, the Grounds & Facilities Committee initiated a program to help replace some of the trees devastated by the Emerald Ash Borer and, at the same time, create a memorial for special people who’ve touched our lives.

For a donation of $300, Association staff will plant a deciduous tree dedicated to a special family member, friend or neighbor, and install a plaque identifying the family member or loved one. The tree, 2 1/2” to 3” caliper, chosen from a wide range of species, could be planted in an area mutually agreed upon by the family and the Association’s General Manager. The 8”x12” granite plaque will be engraved with wording chosen by the family placing the order.

For a donation of $850, we will install a garden bench and plaque. The bench could be placed along a pathway, lake or near the playground.

For a donation of $ 1,400, we will install a garden swing and plaque at a location around one of the lakes, pathways or playgrounds.

By last fall, 11 orders had been taken for trees, benches or swings! We are excited to continue the program this year. We can accept your request anytime. Tree-planting and bench/swing installation will resume after Memorial Day. Please consider helping to enhance the common areas and invest in a very thoughtful way to remember a special person in your life.

If you are interested in participating in this program, email Sandy at the Association office at [email protected] or call her at 614-889-0922 for details and ordering information.

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SOCIAL TIME 7:15 - 8:00 P.M.
See You There!

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