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Have you noticed any unusual or suspicious activities around your neighborhood? It is alarming for us to report an increase in thefts and vandalism since summer arrived.

We alerted you earlier this summer of the repeated vandalism at the Holbrook Pool restrooms that resulted in temporary pool closures. There has been a rash of vehicle break-ins at the Glick Rd. pool parking lot and we’ve seen a rise in broken boards and overall fence damage around the village.

Residents have complained about young folks loitering in both pool parking lots, around the playgrounds and in tunnels. We realize that everyone has the right to enjoy the amenities and it’s natural to gather and socialize, but it is important to know that your children are responsible and not among the destructive groups who seem to be congregating this summer.

We are counting on you to help us deter the malicious destruction of property by being aware of activities going on in your neighborhood. Talk to your children; let them know the consequences of this type of behavior. The Association will prosecute those individuals found responsible for destruction or trespassing. Please report any suspicious activity or loitering to the Dublin Police Department at 614-889-1112 and to the Muirfield Association office at 614-889-0922. We appreciate your help to stem these problems.

Along with vandalism, we’ve noticed an unusually large amount of noise complaints this summer. Many of us enjoy sitting on our decks and screen porches after a day’s work or on the weekends. But when neighbors are blaring loud music or choosing to mow grass late in the evening, the peaceful serenity disintegrates and drives folks back indoors. Our community is thankfully alive with children of all ages and most folks enjoy the air of family and neighboring, but they do expect and appreciate responsible, considerate use of music and outdoor activities.

As a reminder, the Dublin Noise Ordinance says that "Individuals or organizations must not create noise that can be clearly heard from a distance of 50 feet and is disruptive to any person of normal sensitivity".

Thanks for your help so that everyone can enjoy the contentment of living in our extraordinary community with considerate and responsible neighbors!

Published July 18, 2014

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