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This year, swim lessons will be handled through the Members Area of our website. Please be aware that registration for the Members Area is not the same as being on the list for electronic communications. You must create your own username and password for the Members Area.

If you wish to register for swim lessons and have not created an account for the members area yet, please create an account now:

  1. Go to the Muirfield Village Members Area Registration page.
  2. Fill out the requested information.
  3. You will receive an email from the Association once your information has been verified and your account has been activated.
  4. Once your account is active, go to the Members Area login page and enter your username and password you created. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.
  5. From the Members Area Home Page, follow the links for swim lesson registration.

Don’t wait for registration day to log on to the Members Area since it can take up to a day for the office to activate accounts. To register for Session 1 lessons, please make sure you have an account by June 5.

Sessions fill up quickly, so don't get closed out! For more information about our swim program, visit our Swim Lessons page.

Published May 30, 2014

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