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After hearing from so many of our residents that they would like the pools to open more hours, the Board of Directors increased budgeted funds for labor and operational costs to operate both pools from noon to 9 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 9 pm on weekends and holidays, through Labor Day.

As part of that budget change, records are being kept to account for usage versus the cost to operate the pools. Due to state health laws, we have to have a certain number of lifeguards on duty during operation hours whether there is one attendee or many. As you will note from the report below, the added hours have realized limited usage for the first thirty-eight days of operation. When budget time rolls around, the Board of Directors will look at these statistics versus cost of operation to determine whether it is fiscally responsible to continue these hours.

In addition to the change in pool hours, the concession stands are now accepting Visa and Master Card credit card purchases. We will continue to offer different menu items, based on request and how the items are accepted. Contact our pool manager, Mr. Chris Carter If you have menu suggestions. He can be reached at the Glick Road pool at 614-889-1504.

If you are one of the residents who really want the pools and concession stands to stay open these hours, we encourage you to visit the pools, use your amenities, and let staff know you appreciate the extended hours!

May 24 through June 30, 2014 (38 days)

Hour Number of Attendees
10 am – 11 am6.2 persons
11 am – noon10.7
12 pm – 1 pm30.2
1 pm – 2 pm37.2
2 pm – 3 pm35.5
3 pm - 4 pm37.9
4 pm – 5 pm29.6
5 pm – 6 pm22.7
6 pm – 7 pm14.1
7 pm – 8 pm10.7
8 pm – 9 pm5.1

GLICK RD Attendance Averages
May 24 through June 30, 2014 (38 days)

Hour Number of Attendees
10 am – 11 am1.9 persons
11 am – noon3.8
12 pm – 1 pm21.6
1 pm – 2 pm39.6
2 pm – 3 pm48.2
3 pm - 4 pm45.1
4 pm – 5 pm33.7
5 pm – 6 pm21.0
6 pm – 7 pm17.6
7 pm – 8 pm14.5
8 pm – 9 pm7.6

Published July 18, 2014

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