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Political Signage in Muirfield

This year's election will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Residents are welcome to display political signage per the following guidelines:

Signs that are found in the common ground or in city right-of-ways are subject to removal. We encourage residents to display signs when the appropriate time comes.

2016 Tennis Summer Program Summary

It was a fantastic tennis summer! The residents came out and really used the courts and participated in the programs offered. Carrie Smith and her team presented a number of great programs for children and adults alike! Following is a summary of participation in tennis programs:

Junior Programs

Tiny Tots (ages 4-5): 41 participants
Big Shots (ages 6-9): 30 participants
Future Stars (ages 8+): 14 participants
Junior Excellence (middle/high school): 48 participants

Adult Programs

GCTA Teams: There were five Muirfield teams this summer, including a men’s team. This is the first men’s team in several years.

Pickleball: Pickleball was so large that the group added an additional day! The group regularly had 14 to 16 participants and met Monday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 11 am.

Cardio Tennis: The residents loved the quickness and exercise of the one hour class! Tuesday and Thursday evenings were well attended. Sunday morning was the most popular with over 20 residents.

New Classes: Two new classes were offered this summer: Both are planned again for next summer.

Muirfield Free Tennis: Men’s Saturday Morning Doubles and Sunday Evening Mixed Doubles both averaged about 2-3 courts in use each week.

The 2017 tennis schedule will be announced mid-spring. Stay tuned to the tennis page on our website for the schedule and online registration!

Safety Around Muirfield

Thanks to the Muirfield Village Civic Association for making Residents aware of these safety notices!

Speed Enforcement

Because of concerns about speeding on Glick Rd. near Carnoustie, expect to see increased attention in that area from the Dublin Police in the next couple of months.


At all crosswalks in Ohio, motorists must stop for a person with a foot or bike wheel in that crosswalk or you can be ticketed. Even though the pool is closed, the crossing across Glick Road still gets lots of kids and adult walkers and runners, as do the crosswalks at the Brand and Muirfield Roundabout. Increased speed enforcement on Glick may also mean increased observation of the Glick crosswalk.

Phone Scams

Residents have reported another increase in phone scams. The latest scam involves a person pretending to be a relative or friend calling for assistance with “bail”. The call is followed up by a “lawyer” or other “official” calling to ask for bail money. Other scammers claim to be from the IRS, telling residents they owe on prior year taxes and a warrant for arrest will be issued if money is not immediately sent. Rather than engaging the caller, simply hang up. The Federal Trade Commission has a webpage on identifying and handling scams.


Last week at the "Talk in the Park", Sgt. Greg Lattanzi from the Dublin Police Department said we live in a very safe community, free from major crime. The most frequent crimes are theft from cars and open garages. He asked that we leave nothing of value in sight in our cars and that we close garage doors even in the daytime. Please call the police non-emergency number at 614-889-1112 to report anything slightly suspicious. They do not mind investigating.

Fall Leaf Collection

Starting the week of Monday, October 10, 2016, Dublin will begin the citywide leaf collection program. Collections are based on a two-zone system and Muirfield Village is in Zone 1.

Collections occur beginning the Monday of each pick up week between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Please have your leaves at the curb by 7 a.m. the Monday of each pick up week to ensure collection. Collections will take the entire week to complete in each zone. The collection dates for Muirfield Village are:

By Monday of each pickup week, rake leaves to the grassy area by the street. Never put leaf piles in the street. Leaves left in the street can be washed down storm drains where they can cause algae and impact local water quality.

Leaf piles will not kill grass. Although they may cause it to temporarily discolor, the grass will grow back, rich and green, in the spring. To prevent grass from discoloring, rake your leaves immediately before your scheduled pickup date.

On weeks when the City crews are not doing leaf collection in Muirfield, Residents can still bag leaves in biodegradable bags for curbside yard waste pick-up Yard waste collection days are Mondays.

View a map and get more information on the city’s website.

Pet Waste Stations

Have you seen the pet waste stations around Muirfield? Thanks to the Grounds and Facilities Committee and Muirfield staff, pet waste stations have been placed around Muirfield. The stations have been well used and have helped to reduce pet waste left along pathways and in other areas.

Most pet owners are using the stations, however, the office is still receiving comments that some owners are not cleaning up after their animals.

The City of Dublin has an ordinance against persons leaving waste on properties other than their own. A fine of up to $100 can be levied by the City for each offense. Residents can contact City of Dublin Code Enforcement at 614-410-4647 to report violations.

Published September 30, 2016

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