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Mailbox Number Replacement

The Muirfield Association is pleased to announce that new, metal mailbox numbers are now available to replace the old-style plastic numbers. These new metal numbers will be much more rugged and longer-lasting than the current plastic ones.

Along with the new numbers, Association staff will be re-painting the mailbox systems and repairing any damaged or missing components on the mailbox systems. While there is no charge for the new numbers and painting, any repairs required will be done and charged to the property owner. Missing caps will be replaced at a cost of $35, a replacement mailbox (with flag) is $40, and other repair costs are dependent on the scope of the repairs needed. An invoice will be mailed once the work is completed.

The Association does not replace mailbox flags. If a replacement flag is needed, residents are welcome to purchase their own standard, red mailbox flag. Decorative or specialty flags are not permitted. Examples of acceptable flags are:

The mailbox refreshment is being done by neighborhood starting at the south end of Muirfield Village and working north. This project will take approximately three years. Timing will depend on many factors, including weather and the necessity of other projects. We cannot predict when staff will get to any given neighborhood.

Approximately one week before the mailbox refurbishment project comes to your neighborhood, the Association will place a notice in your mail slot. Any plantings around the mailbox must be cleared away from the unit. The Association will not be responsible for any damage to landscape materials interfering with the mailbox refurbishing. If you are concerned about your plant materials, you may want to pull them away from the mailbox post once the flyer is received.

If your mailbox requires repairs before the project comes to your neighborhood, you may request mailbox repairs any time in the Members Area of the website.

If you have questions, please call the Muirfield Association office at 614-889-0922.

Garage and Yard Sale Signs

Summer is the perfect time for garage and yard sales! Did you know that the Association office offers free yard sale signs at the Association office? Residents may pick up one sign with a stake any time before their sale. Only one sign may be placed on the property. The sign must be in the front yard in the buildable area of the lot. Unauthorized signs are subject to removal. The Association office encourages residents to utilize electronic media to advertise upcoming sales.

As a courtesy to residents, the Muirfield Association is passing on the following information from the City of Dublin regarding yard and garage sales:

Residents should be aware that the city can levy a stiff fine ($102) to persons who hold a sale without a permit; therefore, the Association strongly encourages residents to obtain a permit.

Trash and Yard Waste Collection

The office has received complaints regarding trash and yard waste being placed on the curb well before collection days. This unsightly practice is not permitted in Muirfield Village.

As a reminder, trash and recycling containers should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. Wednesday mornings. They cannot be put outside the previous evening. Containers must be brought in the same day and must be stored in a concealed location.

Yard waste bags should be set out for collection Monday morning by 7:00 a.m. Yard waste bags must be stored in a concealed location until that time.

View the City of Dublin’s Holiday Trash & Recycling Schedule, which also pertains to yard waste collection.

Your neighbors appreciate your compliance with this policy!

Deer in Muirfield Village

We are fortunate to live in a community where wildlife is present. Deer are frequently seen around Muirfield Village and many homeowners love to see deer up close.

However, as many homeowners are aware, deer can be troublesome when they start foraging for food in gardens and yards. The City of Dublin cautions residents against feeding deer or placing salt blocks out for them. Feeding can cause higher populations in an area, therefore causing an increase in disease and property damage. It is best to let them find food naturally. With Muirfield’s abundance of wooded areas, finding food should be no problem.

ODNR’s website also cautions people against feeding deer, stating:

You should be aware that your actions may cause neighbors who experience damage to become upset with your feeding. It can also change movement patterns of deer causing them to repeatedly cross roads increasing the chance for a deer-vehicle accident. Finally, not cleaning up spilled seed can attract other wildlife that can contribute to damage. It also attracts small rodents. If you chose to artificially feed deer, be a good neighbor to others who live around you and be responsible in these situations. YOU SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO HAND-FEED A DEER.

Residents should also be aware that deer should never be approached. ODNR offers the following advice for deterring deer from your property:

If a female deer (doe) is behaving oddly in your yard, it is likely there is a fawn involved. Does hide their fawns and only visit them a few times a day to feed them. However, the mother is nearby and can be very protective of their young. What should you do? Do not approach a deer. Keep dogs and children away from deer. Make a lot of noise and use a water hose if necessary to encourage the doe to move the fawn to a new location.


Published August 4, 2015

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