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Special Photo ID Cards Hours

Do you need a Muirfield photo ID card but can’t make it to the office during regular business hours? The Association office is pleased to announce special hours for issuing ID cards. It only takes 3 minutes per card and you leave with your card in hand, ready to be used! Visit the office at 8372 Muirfield Drive (down the driveway past the Holbrook pool) during the following extended hours:

Who needs a Muirfield photo ID card?

Every resident over 2 years of age is required to have a Muirfield photo ID card. You must have a valid Muirfield Association Photo ID card to access the pool facilities, whether swimming or not. Previously issued non-photo ID cards are no longer accepted.

Does my card need to be renewed?

Cards only need to be renewed under the following circumstances:

Those who rent or lease in Muirfield Village must bring their rental/lease agreement as proof of residency yearly unless the lease specifically states a term longer than one year. The office will make a copy of the lease, which must include the renter’s name(s), the rental property address, and the terms (valid dates) of the lease. Leases can also be emailed to [email protected].

Any adult child 25 or older or extended family member living full time in the home must provide proof of residency yearly. A recent bill, statement, or other official mail showing the person's name and Muirfield address is acceptable. Please be aware that the homeowner must register these family members using a new resident form; they cannot register themselves.

Cards are renewed through the software so residents can keep using the same card they have been using. A new card will not be issued.

What if I lost my Muirfield photo ID card?

The office will create a new card using the same photo as the previous card. There is a $10 charge per card, cash or check (we are unable to accept credit cards). We recommend you call both pools and the office to ensure the card was not recovered before buying a replacement.

Do I need a new photo?

Adults do not need to have a new photo taken.

As children age, their photo will become outdated. A new card is not required yearly, but a new photo should be taken around ages 6, 10, 14 and 18 (providing they are still in school or living at home). An adult family member must accompany children under 18 to the Association office for a new photo to be taken. There is no cost for a replacement card providing the original ID card is surrendered. If the original card is not surrendered, there is a $10 per card replacement fee.

What if I can't come during these special hours?

Stop by the Muirfield Association office at 8372 Muirfield Drive between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday on any business day. Cards are issued year-round.

These special hours are for photo IDs only. We regret we cannot assist with other situations. Please contact the Association office during regular business hours for help with other issues.

Click for more information on ID cards./p>

Muirfins Update

Unfortunately, the triathlon planned for this Saturday has been canceled. Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on the following message from the Muirfins:

The Muirfield Muirfins are having a great season so far this year! We are undefeated in regular season and had a great time participating in the antics at Irish Relays (hosted at TCC) all while collecting donations for Welcome Warehouse.

We are wrapping up our season Monday July 18th with the NEW League Championships then celebrating a fun swim team summer with our awards night on Thursday July 21st at the Glick Rd. pool.

Thank you to the Muirfield Board for their support this year in helping us purchase a new records board. Go Fins!

Solicitors in Muirfield

Updated 4/6/17

The Association office has gotten a number of calls regarding door to door solicitors in Muirfield. Muirfield Association does not have a policy regarding solicitations because the City of Dublin has a very specific one. The City of Dublin Planning Department has provided the following information regarding solicitors:

To solicit door to door in the City of Dublin, a permit is required.

If anyone comes to a resident's door and they do not have a badge, the resident should call the non-emergency police department number at 614-889-1112.

If at any time a resident has an approved solicitor that is rude, pushy, or otherwise a nuisance, call Greg Jones at 614-410-4647.

If a resident invites a solicitor to come to their property, no solicitor’s permit is required.

No permit is required to place flyers or other marketing materials in the wooden mail slot area located under the mailbox. (The USPS does not permit anything to be put into the mailbox itself other than mail.) However, a solicitor's permit is require to take those same materials onto the property, such as putting flyers on doors or porches.

Additionally, from the City’s webpage:

If you are approached by a solicitor:

City of Dublin “No Peddlers or Solicitors” green or clear door clings are available. Residents can pick up clings at 5800 Shier Rings Road. Residents are permitted to display these clings or other “No Soliciting” signs on their front doors. (Signs are not permitted in the yard or on mailboxes). Solicitors with a valid permit are required to obey the “No Soliciting” cling.

As a reminder, even if a solicitor has a permit, all changes to the exterior of the property must be approved by the Muirfield Design Control Committee before any work begins. Applications and guidelines can be found on the Design Review page. If a contractor or company states that their products or services have been approved by Muirfield, this is not true. Nothing is pre-approved; everything must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Design Control Committee.

Projects like touching up paint with the exact same color, planting of annual flowers, trimming trees, or replacing like-for-like (such as replacing rotten cedar siding with new cedar siding boards) do not require approval. If you are in doubt whether a project needs approval or if you have any other questions, please call the Association office at 614-889-0922 or contact us. We're happy to help!

For more information from the City of Dublin regarding soliciting:
"No Peddlers/Solicitors" Policy
Useful Information for Homeowners brochure

Final Session of Swim Lessons: Signups Open July 22

Registration for the final session of this summer’s swim lessons, session 3, will begin online Friday, July 22 at 4:00 p.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 27. Session 3 lessons are weekdays, Monday August 1 through Friday August 12. Each learn-to-swim class lasts 45 minutes, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, for 2 weeks.

All registration is handled through the Members Area of our website. Visit the Swim Lesson Registration page for details. Spots fill up quickly, so please don't wait to register. Create a members area account ahead of time if you don't already have one. Classes must be paid using a credit card at the time of registration.

A valid Muirfield photo ID card is required for lesson participants. Every other person entering the pool facilities must either have a Muirfield photo ID, a guest pass, or pay $2 to enter.

Visit these links for more information about lessons and registration:

Class descriptions
Class information and policies
Register for lessons
Register for the Members Area
Log in to the Members Area

Published July 19, 2016

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