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Swim Lesson Registration - Session 2

Registration for session 2 of swim lessons will begin online this Thursday, June 25 at 4:00 p.m. Here are some helpful tips:

Visit these links for more information about lessons and registration:
Class descriptions and policies
Register for lessons
Register for the Members Area
Log in to the Members Area

Rescheduled: Movies Under the Stars

The Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on this rescheduled event announcement from the Muirfield Village Civic Association:

Movies Under the Stars has been Rescheduled!

Don't miss a greatfamily eventfrom the MVCA! Everyone is welcome to attend. Gather up your friends and neighbors for this fun-filled night at the pool!

Bring a towel, raft and your Muirfield photo ID card to enjoy this great evening. A glow necklace will be provided for each child. The snack bar will be open. This year’s movie is "Annie", rated PG.

Movie Admissionis just $3.50!

Regular pool policies apply. A Muirfield Photo ID Card is required. Guests must be accompanied by a Muirfield Resident. Pool Guest Passes are accepted. For guests withouta Muirfield Guest Pass, there is a $2.00 additional pool fee. Exact change is appreciated.

Friday, July 10th at 8:45 p.m.
Glick Road Pool

Admission will begin after the pool closes at 9.

See you there!

Note from the Muirfield Association: Do you have guests coming that need directions to the Glick pool? GPS units have recently begun sending people in the wrong direction. Please ask guests to use our directions online to find the Glick Pool.

Crime Alert from the City of Dublin

The Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on this alert from the City of Dublin Police Department:

Over the past week, the Dublin Division of Police has received a higher than normal amount of calls (21) concerning thefts from vehicles and in at least one case, a theft from an open garage. The vast majority of these thefts were conducted by a thief entering an unlocked vehicle. In some cases, windows were broken to gain entry.

The Dublin Police would like to remind citizens to:

Every year more than 1.85 million thefts from vehicles take place nationwide costing $1.2 billion in stolen personal items and accessories. Whether you are parked in a lot all day for work, heading into the store for a few minutes or in the comfort of your own neighborhood, don’t make it easy for thieves to break in. It takes seconds for a thief to break into your vehicle, grab valuables in sight and get away. Always be sure to hide your valuables or take them with you and lock your vehicle.

Dublin is a safe city, and you can help make it even safer and prevent crimes of opportunity– Hide your valuables, lock your vehicle, take it with you. Be smart. Stay safe.

Don’t make it easy for thieves. Help prevent theft from your car by taking these steps:

The Muirfield Association would like to remind residents to store valuables out of view in cars, especially in the pool parking lots where anyone can come and go without detection. Our neighborhood is generally very safe, but it is always better to not give an invitation to crime. Always remember to lock your car!

Muirfield Maps Available Online

Did you know that there are two maps of Muirfield Village available online?

The first map, “Muirfield Village”, details street names, walking paths with some distances marked, fishing lakes, recreation complexes, golf courses, and lot numbers.

The second map, “Muirfield’s Pathways” highlights our walking trails and recreation complex locations.

Both maps are available free on our website. Maps are available in full size for viewing and also as PDF documents for printing.

If the online versions aren’t helpful enough, we have full size, original maps available for sale at the office. The Muirfield Village map is $3 and Muirfield's Pathways map is $2. The office is able to accept cash and checks.

Published June 24, 2015

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