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FORE! Miler Race Thursday, May 26

Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on the following information about the FORE! Miler race. Please pay attention to the road closures listed in the official letter.

The 2nd Annual FORE! Miler presented by OhioHealth returns this Thursday, May 26, at 7 p.m. benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The race will follow a route that starts and ends at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Please see the official letter for more information about the race, improvements and temporary road closures.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns or visit www.foremiler.com for updates and information. Thank you for your community support!

The race map is below. Click for a full size image:

Pools Opening this Weekend

Summer unofficially arrives on Memorial Day weekend, which means the pools are opening for the summer! Here’s the schedule for the next few weeks:

There’s a lot of information on the Association website about this swim season!

Muirfield photo ID cards are required to access the facilities, whether swimming or not. The office is open Monday - Friday, 8 to 4 to issue cards. It only takes 3 minutes per card and you take your card home immediately!

Memorial Tournament, May 31 – June 6

The Memorial Tournament begins next week! A flurry of activities and preparations can be seen all around the village. What an exciting time! Guests from all around the country will be visiting during the week so please extend a friendly welcome!

Let's put our best face forward and display our homes as attractively as possible. Take care of the last minute weeding, mulching and mowing duties this weekend. Store those items inside that detract from the property's appeal. Let's do our part to let the country know that Muirfield Village is a beautiful home community!

As a reminder, for questions regarding parking passes, please contact the ticket office at 614-889-6712.

Golf Courses are Private Property

We are fortunate enough to live in a community with two beautiful golf courses. The relaxing and calming views may tempt residents to enter the courses. However, the golf courses are private property. For reasons of privacy, concerns about theft and vandalism, avoiding liability and protection of land and possessions, our neighboring golf clubs are reminding all residents to respect their property boundaries. They invite you to appreciate the beauty of the courses without trespassing onto the land.

The Muirfield Association offers 29 miles of beautiful, meandering paths to walk, run, jog or bike. To assist you in planning your route, the Association is pleased to offer Muirfield pathway maps online to download free!

Please remind your guests, your children and their friends that the golf courses are private and we must respect others' private property.

Domestic and Wild Animals

Muirfield Village is home to many animals, both domestic and wild.

The majority of our residents are responsible pet owners and we appreciate your care, but lately the office has heard from neighbors that pet owners are not cleaning up after their pets while along the paths or on other’s properties. Additionally, the office has received reports of a number of loose dogs and cats around Muirfield Village. Uncontrolled dogs can cause distress to persons on the pathways and roaming cats and dogs can cause damage to gardens and potentially other residents’ pets.

All pet owners have a responsibility to care for their pets. Residents should be aware that unaccompanied pets can be confiscated by animal control. Additionally, all persons are required to carry a container to clean up after their pets. The City of Dublin has an ordinance against persons leaving waste on properties other than their own. A fine of up to $100 can be levied by the City for each offense. Residents may contact City of Dublin Code Enforcement at 614-410-4647 with questions or to report violations.

With so many acres of woods, wildlife is quite common in the area. Most residents enjoy observing wildlife, but sometimes are concerned when wildlife appears to get too close to the home. Recently, a number of foxes have been spotted around the Village, often very near homes. The City of Dublin has several web pages that deal with wild animal management, including foxes and deer. Visit the City of Dublin nature page for information on animals and the Wildlife Calls & Contact Information page regarding who to call with questions.

Published May 25, 2016

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