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Muirfield Resident Directory

Thanks to recommendations from the Muirfield Grounds & Facilities Committee, Muirfield is creating a resident directory! This electronic directory will be available exclusively in the members area of the Association website and only Muirfield residents will have access to it.

The purpose of the directory is to give Muirfield residents a way to contact one another. Unlike the original paper directory, residents can choose to list more than one phone number plus up to two email addresses. The directory will be organized alphabetically by last name of the primary head of household, just like a regular phone book.

It is important to note that inclusion in the Muirfield resident directory is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. No residence will automatically be included. A head of household must submit a listing in order to have their household listed.

By accessing the directory or by adding a listing, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service, which state that website content can only be used for personal, internal, and non-commercial use.

What information is included in listings?

Residents may choose how much (or how little) of their household’s information is included on their listing. If a resident chooses to have their household included, the minimum information required for a listing is as follows:

The Association will automatically add the lot number to all listings.

Additionally, residents may opt to include some, all or none of the following optional information in their listing:

How do I add a listing?

Adding a listing is easy! Just fill out the online form in the members area. Note: you will need to log in to the members area in order to access the form.

Or, if you wish, you can download and complete the form to add your listing, then return the form to the Association office.

To avoid confusion and delays, only a head of household should add a listing.

How do I opt out of being listed?

If you do not want your household to be listed in the directory, do not do anything at all! Unless the Association office receives your request to add a listing for a residence, your residence will not be included in the directory in any way.

When will the directory be published?

The target date for the first online publication is July 1, 2016. Plans are to update the directory monthly.

Where can I learn more?

Read more about the directory and view a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) here.

Election Results - Congratulations to Elected Members

Muirfield Association would like to extend congratulations to the newly elected and re-elected Board of Directors members and Grounds & Facilities Committee members. Results are listed in alphabetic order by last name.

Board of Directors:
Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher
Diana Evans
John Reiner

Grounds & Facilities Committee:
Ray DiRossi
Pam Ellinger
Lonnie McLaughlin

Thank you again to everyone who ran for a position, those who voted, and all who joined us at the annual meeting.

Reminder: 7th Annual Recycling Day this Saturday, 4/30

Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on the following message from Foundation at The Country Club at Muirfield Village:


Saturday, April 30, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The Country Club at Muirfield Village Parking Lot
8715 Muirfield Drive, Dublin, Ohio

* Note from Muirfield Association: We have called Fireproof Records, the company providing shredding services, for clarification of services. They plan to shred everything onsite until the truck fills up. Once the truck fills, documents will still be collected to be shredded at their facilities. Please call 614-299-2121 with any questions or visit http://www.fireproof.com/.

Published April 27, 2016

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