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MVCA Announcement

In the spirit of cooperation between the Muirfield Association, Inc. (MAI) and the Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA), the Board of Directors of MAI has agreed to communicate the following letter to the residents of Muirfield Village.

Muirfield Association, Inc. is the Homeowners Association in Muirfield Village. All property owners become members of the association when they purchase property in Muirfield Village. The Homeowners Association is responsible for maintaining the common areas, recreation facilities, pathways, and other amenities through collection of an annual assessment.

The MVCA is a separate, voluntary-membership association within Muirfield Village that is self-funded through their newsletter advertising. They are not funded by the homeowners association.


Dear Muirfield Village Residents,

We are extending important news about the Muirfield Village Civic Association’s Village VoiceNewsletter. For many years, the Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA), a voluntary-membership group within Muirfield Village, has provided the Village Voice newsletter to all Muirfield residents. The newsletter has been, and continues to be, supported by generous advertisers. Membership in the Civic Association is currently free to each Muirfield household, only requiring registration through the membership area of the Civic Association. MVCA events like the Brunch with Santa, Empty Nester activities, Civic Action Committee and alert emails are supported by the small surplus revenues generated by newsletter advertising sales.

The Village Voice newsletter, the events the MVCA sponsors, and the MVCA itself may be threatened by a new commercial newsletter (Village Living) being incorporated into our community. This publication is not sponsored or endorsed by the Muirfield Village Civic Association or the Muirfield Association, Inc. This outside firm publishes newsletters across the country and in Dublin for several smaller neighboring developments. The Civic Association and the Home Owners Association have been approached by this publisher in the past and both Muirfield organizations feel the publication is primarily an advertising vehicle and it is important to keep our newsletter personal and here at home.

Private, commercial business is a foundation of our country and has every right to pursue success. With that in mind, the trustees of the MVCA suggest the publishers of Village Living newsletter seek success elsewhere. You are encouraged to continue supporting the local, volunteer-produced Village Voice newsletter and to support the faithful advertisers. The MVCA with its Empty Nester, Family Activities and Civic Action Committees, will not be supported in any way by the new publication. If you or your business is approached for content or advertisement by representatives of Village Living or a similar commercial newsletter, we suggest you tell them you are supporting the MVCA Village Voice.

Show you support by encouraging your neighbors to learn more about the MVCA and to register for free membership at https://www.muirfieldvillage.org/membership.html. There is no cost and every resident is welcome!

The Trustees of the Muirfield Village Civic Association
Mindy Miller, President

Published February 10, 2016

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