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Cut and Split Firewood for Sale

Muirfield Association is pleased to offer cut and split firewood for sale to Muirfield residents again this fall. Deliveries have begun, but we’re still taking orders and have plenty of wood!

The cost is $100 for a half cord and $190 for a full cord. Cost includes delivery of the wood and stacking in an appropriate location on your property. Wood must be paid for at the time of delivery by either check or cash.

Wood must be stacked at the rear of the house or an area screened so it is not visible from the street or an eyesore to neighboring properties. The delivery area must be easily accessible by wheelbarrow. If extra handling is needed, there will be an extra cost. An example may be if you request us to stack the wood on a deck, which would require staff to hand-carry wood up stairs. Please let us know if hand carrying would be necessary at the time you place your order.

Residents may request up to one cord of wood at a time. If a larger quantity is desired, you may submit a second order after your first order has been delivered and you have had a chance to use some wood. Most properties in Muirfield cannot accommodate more than one cord of wood at a time and still keep the wood screened from views. Please keep this in mind when ordering additional wood.

To request firewood, order online in the Members Area, email [email protected], or contact the office at 614-889-0922. If emailing or calling, please tell us:

Providing a good contact phone number is critical. If we are unable to reach you by phone for delivery and stacking instructions, we will contact the next person on the list. All orders are on a first come, first served basis.

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or contact the office at 614-889-0922.

MVCA Brunch With Santa

Muirfield Association is pleased to pass on the following announcement from the MVCA:

Join us for Brunch With Santa!

Saturday, December 17
11 am to 1 pm
The Country Club at Muirfield Village

Registration and details will be available in mid November. Please keep an eye on your MVCA email or https://www.muirfieldvillage.org/. Mark your calendar today - don't miss this great family event!

Santa is also looking for some helpers. If you are interested in helping set up prior to the event or if you have questions, please contact MVCA Family Activities at
[email protected].

Owning a Pet in Muirfield Village

While the weather is still agreeable, most residents want to spend time enjoying the outdoors. For some, this may mean taking a dog on a long walk. Pets are welcome on Association paths, but they must be controlled and cleaned up after.

For convenience, many pet waste stations have been installed around Muirfield near the pathways. The City of Dublin can issue a stiff fine (up to $100) for each failure to clean up after one’s pet. Residents can contact City of Dublin Code Enforcement at 614-410-4647 to report violations.

Dogs running at-large without a leash are a threat to all those around them. Loose dogs in common areas and on pathways may cause great concern to children, cyclists, pets, or others. Pet owners must abide by the City of Dublin’s ordinance which states: “All dogs must be on a leash unless the animal is capable of responding instantly to the minimum obedience commands of “come,” “sit,” or “stay.” No person shall permit an animal to enter public or private property unless the animal is securely controlled by a leash not to extend six feet in length.

Some are lax in complying with this ordinance because they think the dog will not be a problem. This is not necessarily true: even a well-trained dog may react if animals or people invade what the dog believes to be its space. Without a leash, very few dogs will be under reasonable physical control.

The Dublin police or Franklin County Animal Control officers can impound any stray domestic animal. Uncontrolled, vicious or biting dogs should be reported to the Dublin police or Animal Control:

Dublin Police: 614-889-1112
Animal control (Delaware County): 740-368-1915
Animal control (Franklin County): 614-462-3400

Properly Storing Trash and Recycling Bins

Recently, the City of Dublin announced that Code Enforcement would be conducting a city-wide inspection of neighborhoods for proper storage and screening of trash and recycling containers beginning November 1, 2016.

The city sent an email outlining the rules for storage and screening of trash and recycling containers. Muirfield’s regulations closely mirror city standards; however, there are some differences. The City of Dublin’s rules, combined with Muirfield specific rules, are as follows:

If Muirfield Association staff notices trash receptacles being stored improperly, a notice from the Association will be sent. If city inspectors notice improper storage, the City of Dublin website statesIf a violation occurs– a notice of violation will be mailed to the homeowner. If trash/recycling bins are not in compliance upon re-inspection, legal action will be taken. Violation of the ordinance is a minor misdemeanor.

For collection to take place, please be aware of the following:

Visit the city's webpage regarding refuse collection for more information.

The City of Dublin provides residents with a recycling bin. All recyclable materials can be placed in the same container without being sorted. A list of acceptable materials and more information about recycling is here.

Published November 1, 2016

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