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Reminder: Clean Up Inspections

As published in the September 28 edition of eNews, Members of the Association staff will start canvassing the neighborhoods to observe properties that need to be brought up to standard. Residents can expect this process to begin Tuesday, October 13.

This weekend will be a perfect time to finish any last-minute cleanup. As a reminder, some items that you may need to take care of include:

Where problems are found, a violation notice will be sent to the property owner. Please take advantage of this alert and spruce up your property now before our staff visits.

Please do not take offense at our visit through your neighborhood. We are as concerned as you are that your property values remain attractive, that your neighbors’ homes are maintained at the standard required by the deed and that you can survey your neighborhood with a sense of contentment and satisfaction. Please help us with this, won’t you?

City Gains Easements to Construct Public Pathway along Glick Road

Muirfield Association and the City of Dublin are joining forces once again to enhance the lives and safety of our residents! As you know, the city has been in the process of constructing a public pathway connection downtown Dublin to the northernmost areas of Dublin. That means us! When completed, Muirfield residents will be able to hop onto the city’s public paths and travel downtown without having to bike or walk along the road edge.

The city has completed the north/south paths along Muirfield Drive to Glick Road. The next section of construction will be the east/west path from Dublin Road to Avery Road. To accomplish this, there were a couple of areas where an easement had to be granted so the city can access private property. The Association Board of Directors granted easements through several parcels of Muirfield land, recognizing that this city path will lessen our maintenance costs in those areas, increase crossing safety at Finlarig Drive, Davington Drive and Castle Bay Court and enhance accessibility from Muirfield to downtown Dublin – good for all our residents! We will continue to work with the city to make safety a priority in Muirfield Village and find ways to continue to maintain our good working relationship with the city.

Muirfield Bridge Group

The Muirfield Bridge group is looking for a few new members. The group plays party bridge the second Saturday of each month September through May. Each couple hosts the group at their home once during the year. The hostcouple is responsible for contacting all members either by phone or email. They also provide snacks, drinks and dessert.

If you are a bridge player we welcome you to join the group for some good cards, good food and good fellowship. Please contact Sue Weaver at 614-323-9045 or [email protected] with additional questions or to join.

Annual Assessment Pre-Payment

As most residents know, annual assessment invoices are mailed or emailed each January and are due 30 days after invoicing. For some, this amount comes due at an inconvenient time and is a lot to pay at once. Some residents have found the best way to ease this burden is to pre-pay their assessment in monthly installments. By using this method, the invoice will be paid before it is ever due.

Assessments, just like property taxes, are always billed one year in arrears. The invoice you receive in January 2016 will be for dues accrued in 2015. The invoice covering the year 2016 won’t be sent until January of 2017. The time to start planning for the 2017 invoice is January of 2016.

If you already pay bills online through your bank’s bill pay program, then you can also pay any Muirfield Association invoices through the same program. There is no cost from the Muirfield Association to do so. (Please note that this does not include credit card payments.) When paying, please be certain to include your lot number and/or your address so your payment can be recorded properly.

To assist in budgeting, the Muirfield Association has an online calculator and budgeting forms.

Pre-payment is only a suggestion meant to assist residents with future budgeting. Residents are NOT required to pre-pay assessments.

Office Closed Monday, October 12

The Muirfield Association office will be closed Monday, October 12 in observance of Columbus Day. We will re-open Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.

Published October 9, 2015

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