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The application deadline has passed for 2014. Thank you to all those who have applied!
Interested in becoming more involved in your community? Submit an application to serve on either the Board of Directors or the Grounds and Facilities Committee!

There is always a challenging issue or ambitious project for the Board of Directors or Grounds & Facilities Committee (G&F) to deal with. Over the past year, the G&F Committee developed and initiated the highly-successful Dedication Program; the Board of Directors joined discussions with the PGA and the Muirfield Village Golf Club regarding the Presidents Cup; and they both worked together to select the best summer swim facility use.

Board of Directors

The nine members of the Board of Directors are responsible for setting policies pertaining to the Muirfield Declaration, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation. They approve the annual operating budget and capital expenditures budget. The Board of Directors meets at 4:30 p.m., at the Association office on the third Monday of every other month. This year, three members will be elected to serve three-year terms.

Grounds & Facilities

The nine Grounds and Facilities Committee members serve as liaisons to the Board of Directors. This committee was developed to gather recommendations and make suggestions to the Directors pertaining to maintenance of pathways, landscaping, lakes and capital projects for the common areas as well as making recommendations pertaining to the rules, maintenance, safety, programs and capital projects for the pools and tennis facilities. G&F Committee members meet with the General Manager at the Association office on the fourth Monday of every other month, February through October, at 5:30 p.m. The Chairman of the committee presents a report at the Board of Directors meetings. This year, three members will be elected to serve three-year terms.

Submit an Application

If you are interested in serving on either the Board of Directors or Grounds & Facilities Committee, email [email protected]. Nominees must be residents of Muirfield Village and willing to follow the Code of Ethics. For your submission to be accepted, you must include the following information:

  • Your name, address, lot #, phone, and email address
  • Interest in serving on either the Board of Trustees or the Grounds and Facilities Committee
  • Acknowledgement that there are no outstanding deed violations or delinquent assessments related to your property.
  • Acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the Code of Ethics
  • Include a brief introduction of yourself and describe why you want to serve. Explain briefly what direction you see the Association going concerning amenities, capital improvement projects and fiscal perspectives in the coming years.

Your nomination will be passed on to the Nominating Committee, which was appointed at the November Board of Directors meeting. This committee is made up of three directors who are charged with collecting a roster of Muirfield residents interested in serving as representatives for their community as members of the Board of Directors or on the Grounds & Facilities Committee. Nominees must be residents of Muirfield Village and willing to follow the Code of Ethics (below). This year's Nominating Committee members include Michael Grodhaus, Diana Evans and Paula Linehan.

The deadline for accepting applications is March 1, 2014.

  1. Board members agree to abide by all association rules and be current in the payment of all association fees and assessments.
  2. No drugs or alcohol will be used during association or board meetings.
  3. It is understood that differences of opinion will exist. They must be expressed in a clear and businesslike fashion. Confidentiality of other board members' opinions will be respected and not criticized outside of a board meeting. The board is a team and will not criticize one of its own outside the confines of the board meeting.
  4. Dissenting votes will be reflected within the official minutes of the association. A dissenting board member is always permitted to put into writing the reasons for the dissenting opinion and have the writing attached to meeting minutes.
  5. Language at board meetings will be kept professional. Yelling, swearing, and/or personal attacks against fellow board members, the manager, contractors, owners, or residents is prohibited.
  6. Board members agree not to make promises or assurances to any owner, resident, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or anyone else unless the promise or assurance was approved by the board as a whole.
  7. A board member will not knowingly misrepresent facts to anyone involved regarding any issue within the community.
  8. No board members may use his/her position to enhance his/her financial status through the use of certain contractors or suppliers or in any other manner whatsoever. Any potential conflict of interest must be immediately disclosed.
  9. No contributions will be made to any political parties or political candidates by the association.
  10. No board member will harass, threaten, or attempt through any means to control or instill fear in fellow board member, the manager, a member of the staff, or any owner/resident.
  11. Confidentiality of other board members' personal lives, all residents' personal lives, the managers' personal lives, as well as employees' personal lives, will be respected and preserved by the board members.
  12. No board member will interfere with the duties of the manager, contractor, or any staff member.
  13. Any board member under investigation for a felony will request a leave of absence from the board of directors during the investigation and trial period. Any board member convicted of a felony will immediately resign.
  14. The board will use its best efforts at all times to operate and make decisions that are consistent with high ethical principles, to protect the safety of the residents and to enhance the value of the property.

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Published November 25, 2013

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